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Dolore Amet Consequat

Door of Awareness is a very good institution. I also study in this school. Only the children of the poor study in this school. In this school, both males and females study together. We class fellows help each other out in studying. First, when this Door of Awareness school was very small, people used to say beta what type of school is this, but when it became big, people say that this is actually a school. Our school is very big, 6 classes study here. There are six teachers here. They teach us so well, when we go home we don’t have to study because they make us learn the work in school only. Our school is small but big people come here. The same way big schools are, we love our school.
–Maryam Nayaz

Door of Awareness school is very good. This school’s headmistress is very nice. I was enrolled in the 3rd grade, now I am in the sixth grade. Door of Awareness has educated a lot of children. The children who work and do not study should enroll in Door of Awareness so that they can also work for the betterment of Pakistan. Door of Awareness was founded in 2007 by ma’am Ruba and today thousands of children are being educated by it. This school is till the tenth class and in this school children are given a lot of things and encourage us a lot.

My schools name is Door of Awareness. My school is very good; it has been five years since I have been here. I love my school a lot. I am being educated here. I like my school a lot. My school has ten teachers who are very nice. My ma’am is very nice. I also love my ma’am and other teachers. I love my school.
–Zubaida Khan

My schools name is Door of Awareness. My school is very nice. My teachers are very nice and teach us very well. Ma’am Ruba is also very nice; she is doing very nice work for us. Make Allah guide her and gives her the strength to keep on doing this work. At this time there are Mash’Allah 12 schools. Ma’am Farida is our director, she is also very nice. Ma’am Farida keeps on telling us to work hard because the fruit is sweet and if you work hard you all will go to the next class. Thankyou Allah we found Door of Awareness. May Allah keep making our school do well.
–Kiran Shahzadi