Educational Centres

DOA currently operates 11 schools in Lahore for the children living in slums. For center details click here. We provide free of cost education as well as uniforms, stationary and books to our students. Refreshments are also provided to the students on a daily basis.

Syllabus: Our students follow the Punjab Text Book Board Curriculum. We teach English, Urdu and Mathematics with students of class 1 and above additionally being taught Social Studies and Science. Our students appear for tests in December and Final examinations in March.

Apart from imparting curriculum we also create awareness amongst children about cleanliness, hygiene, ethics and morality through weekly sermons/lectures. The idea is to supplement class room education with grooming in order to make them responsible citizens.

Skill development program: Since the students are most likely need to contribute towards sharing the economic burden of their family at an early age, DOA is working towards facilitating skill training for the older students. Our staff surveys the areas in which the schools are operating and forms linkages with shop keeper to train the children in various skills e.g. barbers, tailors, motor mechanics. In this way it is ensured that the children are learning in a safe environment and are not being exploited. Our staff ensures that a check is kept on the progress of the children sent for these training activities.