Our aim is to provide high-quality education free of cost to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. The goal is to enable social mobility and provide beneficiaries with the means to a better and brighter future.

Door of Awareness has a targeted approach towards various pockets of underprivileged and marginalized communities. In addition to arming our students with the education and employable skills they need to transform their social condition, we also embed tolerance and open-mindedness among them and encourage them to think critically.







24+ Schools

We are currently running 24 schools and are continuing to grow!

We currently teach students from Pre-School to Matric.

All Door of Awareness schools have grown organically - One class every year!

We teach Punjab Textbook Board Curriculum to meet the community’s needs.

All schools are located near targeted urban slum communities.

Our teachers are provided regular on- and off-the-job training.

All schools are equipped with computer labs and libraries.

Intensive Teacher Training

Delivered through classroom-style lectures, group discussions, team exercises or e-learning, we have experienced in-house and external trainers conduct monthly teacher training sessions focused on developing and strengthening the skill set and capability of our academic staff.

Character Building of Students

Door of Awareness places a special emphasis on the personal, ethical, and social development of its students. This is achieved by regular volunteer interaction as well as training of teachers so that they may be able to embed more ethical conduct and a culture of tolerance amongst the students.

Activity-based Learning

Our educational team and training consultants ensure that teachers use hands-on activities along with innovative and interactive methodologies in their classrooms to encourage activity-based learning rather than the culturally enforced practice of rote learning.

Specialized Curriclum

Our aim is to implement a learning process that develops and encourages students to ask questions, while at the same time ensuring that they enjoy the learning process. To reach our aim, we use a mixture of government-mandated Punjab Textbook Board curriculum and internally-developed, specialized teaching material.