Are you keen to get involved and contribute to society at large?

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Door of Awareness and work for sustainable social change.

To volunteer, please apply for our
volunteer program.

To find out more about the DOA Internship,
visit the Internship Page.

Fundraise for us

These donations in any shape or form make a huge difference to our children and our organization. Volunteers keen on campaigning for us can organize drives or help by bringing their own unique ideas to the table.

Be a Volunteer Teacher

If you are a student and want to enrich your extra-curricular experience, or if you are a parent and you want a remarkable learning opportunity for your child, then a Teaching Internship at DOA may be the right choice for you.

Train our Teachers

In our quest to deliver the best possible educational services, we maintain a special emphasis on teacher training and development. We invite you to donate some of your valuable time to conduct workshops and seminars with our team.

Join the Door of Awareness Youth Wing

Being a volunteer at the Youth Wing is an amazing opportunity for you to gain invaluable leadership skills and develop an enduring spirit of teamwork, while at the same time making a positive difference to your community. Please get in touch with the management team if you want to get involved.

Organize Student Activities

At Door of Awareness, our aim is to make our schools fun and enjoyable for our students. In such a spirit, we are always looking for volunteers to organize fun and creative activities with our students and staff. Here, we highly encourage volunteers to be creative and enthusiastic.

Any ideas? Get in touch.

If you have a novel idea or want to do something that’s not listed in our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to accommodate fresh and innovative ideas, and welcome creative minds to join our cause. Please get in touch with our Head Office to share your idea and start something new!

To join hands with us financially,
please visit our Donations page.